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Britishers were choosy in setting up their administrative settlements and cantonment areas for climatic reasons. In Uttarakhand they chose Nainital, Pauri and Mussoorie for civil administration settlements and Ranikhet, Lansdowne and Chakrata for military establishments. All these places have the same climatic exuberance but unlike the civil adminstrative centres that flourished and developed into properous summer resorts, the equally good cantonment areas remained restricted for non-army activities. Chakrata which is as good as Mussoorie in all respects is one such place where a cantonent board was set up by Col. Hume in 1880. The cantonment area could not grow into a popular tourist resort the way Mussoorie did. Yet the Indian tourists keep coming in small numbers to see everything green and beautiful all around.

On a clear day it is possible to see some of the western Himalayan peaks including Bandarpoonchh and Swarga Rohini from some vantage points. Most of the built up areas consist of British army buildings which are arrayed along a long ridge. Tourists will do well in planning a day return trip to this place till suitable accommodation facilities come up in near future.

Tiger Fall:

There is enough to go and see around Chakrata. At a distance of 5km there is the Tiger Fall supposed to be one of the tallest in the country. All walks in the mountains are pleasant and so is this one in view of the peaks one can see in the north.


This pretty place, located at a height of 9400 ft is at a driving distance of 13 km from Chakrata. Besides being a high altitude picnic spot, it offers a panoramic view of Himalayas on a clear day.

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Chakrata is a scenic hill station in Uttarkahand, A small hill town in a forest... ●Dehradun-> Chakrata-> Musoorrie.