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“Queen of the Fields”RanikhetNearly 48 km. northwards from Bhowali, beneath the majesty of the mountain

As the sun washes away the morning mist, a panoramic view of nearly 200 km wide Central Himalayas, extending from western Nepal to the snowy heights of Badrinath and Tehri Garhwal further west, is beautifully unfolded in a semi circular form.

Sharp sighted for the creamy places in the country as they were, the Britishers chose Ranikhet during late 1860s as one of the first settlements for their army. This place was healthy for the fighting forces and wealthy for the forest wealth. Accordingly the Headquarters of Kumaon regiment was established here in 1869. Ever since the cantonment area has been beautifully developed to make Ranikhet what it is today. The army has a beautiful high altitude Golf Course where civilians are allowed on completion of certain formalities.

Ranikhet town is situated on a huge elephant back shaped ridge nearly 12 km in length, on the other end of which is the sleepy village of Majkhali. Majkhali is equally popular for Himalayan view and is fast growing as a sister town to Ranikhet.

Around Ranikhet there are forests of pine, oak, cedar and cypress and fruits orchards as well. It is situated almost in the centre of the Kumaon Hills and is an idyllic, unspoilt and dust free retreat for those seeking a quiet summer holiday.

Ranikhet has plenty of accommodation to suit allLandscape Ranikhetpockets. The town boasts ofbeing one of the few hill towns where cars can go to most of the houses. The old bazar is very interesting. The shops are made in an ascending order, the lowest being at 5000 ft and the highest at 7400.

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